Kaiden and the recovery

Maybe because Kaiden has over done it on Monday , or maybe because he had picked up the stomach bug that Eva, Jadie and I had suffered from, he did not keep his dinner down and had thrown up during the night.
The next day he was a little groggy and grumpy. I feel this was due to the Anaesthetic and painkillers wearing off as well as the bug. The staff at Ward 66 in the Southern General were fantastic and the facilities were good. There was a nice parents room, kind of like a break out room, which had a fridge and microwave. As you know the hospital food is not great and we do not feed Kaiden chips twice a day at home, so why would we here. The family made some lovely dinners for Kaiden and Jadie which made them feel that little bit better.
Figure: Kaiden having a wee sleepy
The day after the operation Kaiden had his dressing removed and got his first proper bath. This gave us a good look at his stitching, and I have never seen a neater job, nor a smaller incision for what he had. We love Mss Jennifer Brown (our neurosurgeon.)
Although Kaiden was more sleepy today, he still had time to play with the other kids, and he loved getting huggies and carries from the Nurses (Kaiden likes nurses.)
Figure: How neat is that scar going to be
We were told that we would be moving down to Yorkhill Children's hospital, and that would be by ambulance and we would be going to Dr Shaik’s endocrinology ward. We had been over to see Dr. Shaik’s before and had stayed on his ward. He is very nice and his staff are exemplary as well.


Martin Hinshelwood (OLD) said...

LOL Kaiden likes the nurses, now THERE's a shocker! Cute little flirt! :D

Martin Hinshelwood (OLD) said...

Funnily enough he was only interested in the nurses with big boobies ;)

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