Kaiden and the sword

The day before the operation (Sunday 11th July 2010) we arrived at the Southern General at 1pm to get the bloods redone that had failed before. True to usual NHS from we were asked why we came in so early and the bloods could be taken later!
Figure: Kaiden got settled in and found the TV
The only doctor on shift on a Sunday afternoon promptly arrives 4 hours later to take the bloods. An predictably enough insisted on going through the whole rigmarole of “try this arm” no!, Lets try the other one and so on. However this doctor managed to get at least some blood. This blood was needed for two reasons.
First for Typing, I guess just in case Kaiden’s blood type had changed since Friday, but more importantly to make sure that there is some compatible blood available just in case.
Figure: Kaiden was quite happy in thy play room
The problem was that the doctor did not think that they had been able to take enough blood for this test, but she convinced the lab tech to have a go. The doctor said that they could have the bloods taken once Kaiden was asleep before the operation to make it less traumatic.
While that was going on we decided to head out for dinner and took Kaiden out to TGI Fridays at the Escape centre and sat for a while to watch the snowboarders.
Figure: Kaiden with a sword balloon
When we arrived back at the hospital we were told what we expected, that the bloods needed to be taken again, but that the Anaesthetic Consultant was not happy to wait until the operation. By now it was quite late, about 8pm and we were worried that Kaiden would not get any sleep. The shift changed at  8:30pm so we made sure that the same doctor and she started where she left off.
After a few attempts and lots of screaming she managed to get double the amount of the last time.
This time it was OK (sigh)…
I headed home to get some sleep before the big day and Jadie stayed with Kaiden.


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