Kaiden and the hospital transfer

Kaiden was transferred to the surgical ward at Yorkhill Children's hospital on Tuesday afternoon, and it was a very traumatic experience for both Kaiden and Jadie.
When the Ambulance arrived I took Eva in the car and Jadie, Kaiden and one of the Nurses from Ward 66 headed down. Now, I don’t know about you, but I would have thought that an ambulance sent to pick up a 18 month old child would have some sort of child seat. But no, all they could offer was for Jadie to be strapped in to a folding seat and for Kaiden to sit on her lap. They did offer to have Kaiden restrained on a gurney, but if you have any children you would know that that could never be an option for a conscious child. It was most frustrating as I was travelling to the hospital with Kaiden’s car seat in the back.
To be honest, if I had know that this would have been the situation I would have refused to allow it. To often do we just go along with things as parents with the NHS. If you would not let your child travel in a car without being safely strapped in, why would you allow it in this case!
Anyway, when Jadie arrived at Yorkhill she was directed to ward 4b, and the Nurse from the southern remarked that she did not understand why we were being sent there as we were expecting to go to Dr Shaik’s ward which was 7c.
Jadie were about half way down the corridor to the nurses station when a rather heavy set Nurse shouted “Go in there”, which directed her to another dingy room.
This was a rather disheartening arrival which was then compounded by someone with no name badge coming and directing her to put Kaiden in a chair to be weighed.
It was just after this that Eva and I arrived to find Jadie very upset and near to tears at both the treatment and stark contrast in the look of the ward compared to the one we had just left. It was like night and day.
Anyway, we settled in and as it was dinner time for Kaiden I went hunting for somewhere to heat up the lovely beef stew that my mother had made for him.
Luckily there was a microwave in the kitchen opposite  and I asked at the nurses station if it was ok to use it. “No” was the answer, that microwave is for staff use only and there was no facility to heat food for patients or parents. WTF!
This was most annoying as there was no way I would let Kaiden eat the hospital food. I insisted and they would let me use it this once.
It has got to be pretty common for parents to bring in food, they cant all let their kids eat the crap that is served! Some facility to heat up food should really be provided.
At this point, with Kaiden wanting to have a wee look round, that Jadie came out of the room with an inquisitive little boy who was probably looking for some nurses to hug. This was when the next bombshell hit as the same nurse as before shouted at her to get back into the room and that she could not leave. WTF!
Apparently as we had come from another hospital Kaiden could not leave the room until his swabs had come back negative for whatever it is that they look for, MSRS and whatnot. So when a nurse came to take the swabs I asked when they would be back, and was told that it could take 48 hours. WTF!
With Kaiden eating his dinner, Jadie was so upset with the situation that she wanted to either take Kaiden back where we came from, or home. I managed to convince that I would stay with Kaiden and see could go home and get some sleep with Eva.
I have to say that this was a very harrowing experience for us and for Kaiden as he would see us upset. For a wee boy on the mend who wanted to play and interact with other people and being allowed to play and move around for two days after his operation to then be restricted to a small room was ridicules.
We were on the surgical ward which was really set up for patents recovering from very serious operations. Most of the kids here were confined to their beds anyway and they had very little facility for someone for whom you would not know had had and operation if you could not see the stitches.
We really should never have been moved down to that ward and no one could explain why.


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