Kaiden and the scared sister

Jennifer Brown’s office called today and we now have a date for the operation. Kaiden will be admitted to the Southern General tomorrow (9th July 2010) and they will operate on Monday (12th July 2010). Jenifer did say she wanted to do it quickly
When Kaiden is admitted to hospital tomorrow they will be running all of the tests and helping us complete all the relevant paper work that they need, we will be taking Kai home in the evening as the actual operation is not until Monday. It is better to have him home on Saturday rather than stuck in the hospital doing nothing. Then it’s back to the hospital on Sunday and they will operate on Monday morning.
It has been a long slog from the 26th May 2010 when he had his Scan and we were told about the Arachnoid Cyst, the Hydrocephalus and we saw the scans. It was only 2 months ago, but a frantic and distraught two months.
Figure: Afternoon nap with his big sis
Our current understanding is that Kaiden will be in for a week to recover, but that most of that is for observation and to prevent infections. The operation itself is not a “taxing” one on the body so he should be bright and alert as soon as the aesthetic wares off.
Figure: Kai & Eva having sleepy hugs
Kaiden’s sister Evangelina has been very worried about him, and for a three year old this must all be very scary. A couple of times she has said:
Why are they going to cut Kai’s head off (sniff)
It just shows what they pick up, and we had to explain everything, which she accepted just fine.
Now all we are wishing for is a happy & healthy baby boy, who makes a speedy recovery, with nothing holding him back from walking and talking…. here is hoping…


Martin Hinshelwood (OLD) said...

Best wishes. I can only imagine.

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