Kaiden and the bloody mess

On Friday we were at the hospital for all the pre-operation things.
We were in at 10am for a day of mostly waiting around. Luckily the facilities for kids in the Southern General are fantastic, and Kai had lots of toys to play with.
Figure: King Kai
We had a visit from the anaesthesiologist which was good. He talked about the process and what would happen. It looks like only one parent is usually allowed down to the anaesthetic room, but it depends on the Anaesthetic Consultant that we get. Apparently the room is rather small, and if only one parent is allowed it will most likely be Jadie.
Figure: Something is funny
One of the junior doctors came in to take bloods, and we told them about the previous problems of getting blood from Kaiden, but they would not listen. So another traumatic time trying to get blood, which ended with a heal prick. Will they never listen?
Figure: All I need now is a beer
One strange thing was that when I went looking for some coke all of the vending machines has diet drinks only. Apparently this is the NHS’s attempt at healthy. You have got to be kidding, let alone the Aspartime in the diet drinks that is know to cause problems, they are still fizzy drinks. What a joke!
We had a visit from Jennifer Brown who again delivered straight talk, but in addition she said that in her experience and from having a good look at the scan’s she did not think that Kaiden would be affected intellectually in the long term. She said that it looks like it is just his gross motor skills that are affected. This is fantastic news, even though it comes with no guarantees. Time to head home.
Well, the hospital called a few hours after we had left the hospital to say the Kaiden’s blood was congealed and they could not run any of the tests. Going back at 1pm on Sunday instead of after bedtime as was the plan.
Figure: Cute as a button
So, Kaiden goes back into hospital at 1pm tomorrow and they plan to do the operation at around 9am on Monday.


Martin Hinshelwood (OLD) said...

Praying that the surgery goes well. God Bless.


Anonymous said...

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