Kaiden and the stressed parents

Yesterday I contacted Southbank and they said that they will try to get a hold of the Neurosurgeon this week! Tried our GP as well and he can’t do anything.
The Neurosurgeon's office called today to say the we will have our first consultation on 29th June. That’s 4 weeks from now and 5 weeks from our original diagnosis.
Even with the longest non-emergency case above from the US it was 4-6 weeks for surgery, and I do not think they will be doing it within a week of our first consultation. There is a consulting date on the 8th June but it is full. I don’t really understand why they can’t see a few people every day instead of making everyone wait weeks but their you go…
To be honest I don’t really give a monkeys about the consult as we have already been told he needs an operation. That's what I want a date for!
I have called the referring consultant and I am awaiting a call back. I am thinking of trying to get a second opinion from Great Ormond St. children's hospital, and I have emailed the director of the Children's Hospital Boston to see that the costs are there. However I have a feeling that the US will be “sell your house to pay for it” costs and Great Ormond St will have a huge waiting list.
Well, lets see. Spoke to the consultant and she has assured me that if she thought that Kai needed to be seen sooner then she would champion the cause. But she does not… It may be the correct answer, but it is not one that we want to hear.
Although from a clinical risk standpoint Kaiden may be less urgent than another case, my concern is for unnecessary damage that may occur in this waiting time. In a child as young as Kaiden where even a month is a significant portion of the life he has lead so far a lot can happen in a month.
Are they just going to wait until it is acute and we end up in the emergency room of the Southern?


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