Kaiden and the endocrinologist

Today we were at Yorkhill Children's Hospital to see the endocrinologist (pituitary doctor) and we had yet more bad news. We were hoping that Kai’s pituitary gland would be unaffected. Sadly not, and we saw on the scans that something that is supposed to be the size of a pee has been squished into a little flat horse shoe shape.
They need to do a whole lot more tests to identify the impact of this, but your pituitary is responsible for stimulating the generation of lots of hormones within your body including Growth, Thyroid and Testosterone. Apparently the most susceptible cells in there are those responsible for Growth, and they do not like being squished.
So we are looking at problems with growth from the age of 2 and potential thyroid issues as well as issues when Kai reaches puberty. This will be a long hall and he will probably need to be seen by an endocrinologist at regular intervals for the rest of his life.
Next week is the eye specialist at Yorkhill…I hope not more bad news…


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