Kaiden and the wonky eyes

Its now dinner time and we have noticed something strange about Kaiden’s eyes. Can you see what it is?
Figure: One eye is dilated
We checked both his eyes with a weak light and neither of them react to it at all.
We were not told that this would happen at the hospital, but they did put drops in so they could look at the back of his eyes. The drops we were told was “die” so they could see into his eyes, but a quick Google-Fu about ophthalmologists and eye drops implies that it might be apathetic. If we had been told it was antithetic I would have had a couple of questions:
  • What are the side effects?
  • When will it ware off? (we have all been to the dentist)
We phoned the hospital, but surprise-surprise everyone in that department has gone home. The on-call doctor dismissed our concerns and said that it should not be a problem and to bring him in in the morning if he is still presenting the same symptoms.
I am not so sure, it has been over 4 hours since his appointment and we have only just noticed this. Now, it could be we were just not looking for it and it has been like that for 4 hours, but I think it is something we would have noticed.
If they were antithetic drops then I am not worried and would leave it till tomorrow, but if they were not antithetic and were just die I would be worried.
I am currently debating on wither to take him down to Yorkhill A&E…
Talks about apathetic drops:
If you have one eye bigger than the other:


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