Kaiden and the chicken pox

With Kaiden’s condition when his sister Eva had the pox last week she was put on medication to accelerate the progress of the virus. The result was that it was only 4 days from spots to crusting and 6 days to no spots.
There was some debate about what should be done for Kai: You can’t have brain surgery when you have chicken pocks as there is a far greater risk of infection.
There were two options:
  • Temporary immunisation so he does not get it, but this only works if he has not yet been exposed
  • Same as Eva and speed up the process
Our GP Dr Pexton from Williamwood Medical Practice is the only GP we trust.  Not only did he decide that something had to be done, but he also called the Nero-surgeon and Yorkhill Children's Hospital for advice. If you are not familiar with the UK GP system, they deal with all of the non emergency minor ailments and are usually your first call if you want to see a specialist.
The advice was to wait and see, and if he does get it to speed up the process so he has it for as short a time a possible. Dr Pexton said to call right away if he has symptoms.
Well…he got it!
Figure: Poor little man suffering from Chicken Pocks
He presented with spots on Thursday night and we called Friday morning for the prescription. Unfortunately Dr Pexton was off, sick I think :) and the receptionist said that she would put it through to one of the doctors as soon as possible.
Well, Jadie called after lunch to see when I could go an pick up the prescription and they had not even put it through! Jadie was livid and insisted that they put it through immediately. Which the receptionist ignored and was very rude and dismissive of Jadies concern.
I will never understand why a dumb assed receptionist thinks she has more knowledge of the circumstances and clinical risk of particular circumstances than a doctor or those intimately involved in the situation.
In fact Jadie called back just after 2pm and with the note still not sent through I called to say I was just coming down for the prescription and just sat there until I got it.
The receptionist even made me wait 20 minutes once I got there before even telling the doctor that I was waiting…
It sucks, but we has to tell Yorkhill that Kaiden has chicken pocks and they have moved the appointment with the opthamologist back to the 21st June.


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