Kaiden and the wonky eyes #2

It’s day 2 of the strange eye saga. We took the advice of the on call doctor, but only after my father had verified what he said.
It turns out that my grandmother was seeing the Ophthalmologist yesterday as well and here eyes were both still dilated after 5 hours.
Kaiden’s eyes have not gone back to normal this morning so I called the hospital and was told that there were only optometrists in and the real doctors get in at 9:30am.
What is this, part-timers-r-us at the NHS? 9:30-5? I wish…That's an hour and a half for seeing patents. They could see three more patents per doctor per day.
Anyway, I was put through to a optometrist and she said that children, and especially children with light eyes can take longer to get over the eye drops. But even she said “Next day”, which it currently is. Apparently there is a clinic in the afternoon, and if we are still worried to call back then.
Figure: This is with a flash going off! At least the right pupil is now working.
After doing a little work, I work form home, I had to look after the kids for 5 minutes while Jadie went to the shop across the road. Kaiden was outside, and it looks like his eyes are back to normal.
Remember we were told nothing of this possibility at the hospital, so we have had unnecessarily panicked parents for 24 hours because of a lack of transparency between the hospital and those responsible for the patient.
Panic over…


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