Kaiden and the Ophthalmologist

We took Kaiden to the Ophthalmologist (Professor Dutton’s surgery) at Yorkhill Children's Hospital. When we got there Kaiden was very brave an was happy to get checked out and have some drops put in. The drops were to allow the ophthalmologist to get a better look at the backs of his eyes and see if there is any pressure on the optic nerve.
After a long wait we got to see the ophthalmologist: I do not know what it is, but light in the eyes is one of Kaiden’s pet hates and he screamed the place down. While Kai struggled in his mothers arms the doctor managed to get a good look at one eye and a glance at the other. All the while Kai was screaming and struggling which was very distressing for a parent. Jadie eventually has to hold his head still while the doctor had a look with the strange apparatus attached to her head. Eva though she looked very silly, and I would have to agree.
The outcome? Kaiden’s eyes are just fine. Woot, this in the only good news that we have had since we found out about the Cyst. With every other visit to the hospital with Kai resulting in bad news, I half expected the doctor to say “he will be blind by the time he is 3” or something equally scary. Thank goodness for that.
I am not sure how this works, but she also said that he does not need glasses. I don’t understand how they can tell as it takes an optician ages to figure it out while asking me “bettor or worse” and trying to fake me out by using the same lenses over and over again.
The doctor assured us that there is currently no ongoing pleasure on the optic nerve that was evident on the scan. This is most likely due to the hydrocephalus occurring before birth so this also relieves our fears of ongoing damage.
Next appointment is in two days for them to take bloods…lots of bloods…


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