Kaiden and the long wait

We were getting more worried by the hour and with four weeks to wait our stress level were through the roof. The Southbank clinic had asked us to have a think about things that were atypical for Kaiden. We have made a list and imparted it to them, but some of these things could be just normal baby developmental changes and it is so difficult to tell which is which.
  • Not wanting to be left alone
  • Drinking and eating a lot more
  • Eyes not following you or looking through you
  • Crying a lot more than usual
  • Holding his head
  • No more teeth through since he was 9 months old (although there is one just now)
  • Falling backwards when you are holding him
  • Little or no speech development
These should all be on the referral with a copy sent to us, but with the holiday weekend I do not think we will see it till Tuesday at the earliest.


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